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As a twenty-year veteran of the global Internet, acclaimed Internet pioneer Robert Raisch didn't just watch it grow, he helped build it.

As an independent consultant and founder of The Internet Company, Robert has assisted hundreds of businesses to plan, evaluate, understand and use the global Internet to business advantage; businesses like Softbank/COMDEX, Ziff-Davis Interactive, the Boston Globe, New York Times and America Online.

His expert understanding of the technical requirements of online business coupled with a natural appreciation for the social aspects of the Internet make him a powerful source of strategic and online product development knowledge


Noteworthy Capabilities: Expertise, Communications Creativity

Industry Background: A Short Autobiography

Recent Accomplishments: History of The Internet Company

Profile From The Standard's: Network of Internet Economy Architects


Industry Observations


The Breakup Of Microsoft
Do We Really Need "Baby Bills"?

The Next Internet
What Does The Future Hold?

The Future of Fast Access
Business Differences Between Content Access

Advertise, Relate, Promote, Sell
Marketing Communications on the Global Internet

Survival, Comfort Emotion
Effective Advertising Banner Design

Postage Due Marketing, Revisited
Part I Part II

Unsolicited Advertising via Electronic Mail

Postage Due Marketing, Original From 1994, and of historic interest only.

Reverse Pilfering of Advertising
Publishing, Location, and the Nature of Advertising

Do You Know Who Your Neighbors Are?
Building an Online Community as a Marketing Tool

You Scratch My Back
Reciprocal Linking and Communities of Interest

The Needs Of The One . . .
The Emergence of Molecular Marketing

This Is The Web That Jack Built
The "Buy" Versus "Build" Decision

A Little Song, A Little Dance...
A World Wide Web of Interactive Advertising

Complete Mecklermedia Articles

Consulting Customers:
Ziff-Davis Interactive
Microsoft Corp.
America Online
Prodigy Services Corp.
Delphi Internet Services
Burda GmbH
Phillips Publishing
Counterpoint Publishing
Boston Globe
New York Times
New England Journal of Medicine

Advisory Board Positions:
America Online

Keynote Presentations:
The Irish Internet Show
Internet World Berlin
Internet World Sweden
Internet World Middle East
Web Advertising
COMDEX Fall Power Panel

Featured Speaker:
Internet World Spring Fall
Internet World Israel
Windows World
E-Mail World

Invited Lecturer:
Harvard Business School
MIT Entrepreneur's Forum
ATT International Marketing


Robert Raisch will help you and your business leverage
all aspects of the global Internet interactive media.

[email protected]

617/331-0222 PAGE ROB NOW
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12 Charles St. #1
Newton, MA 02466-1732 USA


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